Glass Dude professionally installs window film for residential and commercial properties. Window film falls into three categories-

Solar Control, Decorative, and Safety Films. Further information on these categories can be found below. 


Solar Control Window Tint...


# Retrofitted for any window on residential or commercial properties # Available in a variety of hues and shades ranging from 5% light transmittance to 70% light transmittance # Solar Control Window Films carry a lifetime warranty directly from the film manufacturer for residential installation, and a 7-10 year warranty for commercial installation # Superb durability and easy to maintain # Minimal time for installation and minimal time for interruption #

Benefits of Solar Control Window Tint-

Save Energy -

 A large portion of your utility bill comes from unnecessary heat gain and heat loss through untreated windows. With the technology that is available today in the film industry, films can reject up to 82% of total solar energy. During summer months film reduces heat from entering through your window and helps retain cool air from exiting. During winter months film helps retain your heating from exiting through your windows. 

Reduce Fading /Health Risk-

The leading cause of fading is caused by UV rays. Window film eliminates 99% of UV rays, helping to protect your furniture, floors, and other valuables from fading. As well the American Cancer Society  ​recommends window film for skin protection against UV rays.

Reduce Glare -

Why have windows if they are going to be covered by blinds or drapes? Window film lets the light in without the harsh glare and it can cut glare by 86%! 

Return Investment-

Case studies have shown, many window film applications earn back the installation cost in 3-5 years with energy savings alone. 

Help Environment-

By applying solar window film, you are reducing the amount of energy to keep your home at a consistent temperature and in turn, less energy used means less gas emissions in the atmosphere. By doing so, you are helping to lessen the depletion of our ozone layer, making your carbon footprint as minimal as possible! 

Enhance Appearance-

Enhance the exterior of your home or business with the pleasing aesthetics of window film. 

Decorative Window Film...

# Retrofitted for any window on residential or commercial properties # Wide variety available from frosted films to stained glass films, anything you can imagine # Great alternative to blinds # Superb durability and easy to maintain # Minimal time for installation means minimal time for interruption #


​Benefits of Decorative Film -

Privacy -

Add privacy to exposed; sidelights, interior glass doors, bathrooms, or office windows. 

Glare reduction -

Frosted window films reduce eye strain and helps improve conditions for office employees and building tenants.  

Cost effective –

Etched glass is an expensive option when compared with the aesthetically pleasing and versatile window films available. 

Add Decor -

Decorative film has an endless variety of decor that can be applied to any flat glass imaginable; sidelights, french doors, bathroom windows, office windows, and shower doors. 

Safety & Security Window Film...

 # Retrofitted for any window on commercial or residential properties # Available in a variety of hues, shades, or can be installed in clear # Superb durability and easy to maintain # Minimal time for installation means minimal time for interruption # 

Benefits of Safety & Security Film -

Security -

Acts as a barrier holding the glass together, deterring an intruder from entering your business or home through a glass door or window. 

Safety -

Splintered/shattered glass is a main cause of injury in a natural disaster, act of vandalism, or crime. Safety film will hold the glass together under impact, avoiding injury from broken glass. 

Meet Code Requirements -

Meets safety glass requirements, saving the hassle and cost of replacing windows that are not up to code. 

Cost Effective -

Application of film is a fraction of the cost and time of replacing a window with safety glass.

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