Glass Dude offers professional window cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

Benefits of Window Cleaning -


Clean windows makes for a crisper view while giving your home more curb appeal. It enhances the inside appearance of your home or environment, making it look and feel cleaner. 


Debris build up, such as mold and algae will shorten the life of your windows. By keeping your windows washed regularly you can reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of debris build up, helping to keep your windows strong and lasting. 

Help Sell a Property-

Clean windows show a property has been well maintained. It allows the light in. It makes your property more inviting. All a must in selling or renting a property. 

Let the Light in-

Its amazing how much more natural light comes in your home when you have clean windows. Check out our gallery or Instagram pictures- even the camera pics up the difference.

Why Glass Dude for Window Cleaning?


# Streak Free Guarantee

# One Service Week Rain Guarantee

# Discounts on Regular Cleaning

# All Hands on Work, No Extension Poles

# Insured/Bonded

# Flexible Scheduling/Cleaning Year Round

# Referral Program

Glass Dudes Window Cleaning Packages

Exterior Package -

Basic exterior window cleaning. All windows visible from the outside will be cleaned hands on (no extension poles). The window will be wet down with a eco friendly soap, scrubbed down, squeegee rinsed, perimeter towel dried, all excess debris will be wiped of the window ledge. In the case you have exterior screens they are included in your exterior window cleaning. 

Interior & Exterior Package -

Exterior package plus; interior windows wet down with a eco friendly soap, scrubbed down, squeegee rinsed, towel dry the perimeter. Interior screens are scrubbed down by hand with a cotton scrubber and mild eco friendly soap. Interior glass (french doors, mirrors, ect.) will not be included in your estimate, however upon request a quote can be given. 

Premium Package -

Interior & Exterior Package plus; All window frames, sills, and tracks will be wiped down (this involves opening windows) with a eco friendly soap. All screens are treated with a product to revitalize, soften, and make them glisten. 

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