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Q & A For Window Cleaning:

How often should I clean my windows?

Most of our clients are on a twice a year (biannual) window cleaning schedule with interior and exterior in the spring and exterior in the fall or exterior only in the spring and interior and exterior in the fall. Some factors that have our clients get there windows cleaned quarterly or more are because they live in a new construction area where dirt is being kicked up, backed up to the woods, in a rural area, near or on the lake where more bugs and spiders exist, or maybe right off of a busy street where high vehicle travel kicks up dirt. Whatever your needs are we will accommodate them! 

How long does it take to get on your schedule?

Typically we can get you on the schedule within a week or two at the most. However our scheduling time can go further out due to the weather, time of the year (our busiest months are- May, June, Sept and October), or if we are running a special or any promotions. We recommend to call in advance of your ideal scheduled date for availability. 

Do I need to be home?

For your first time cleaning we recommend your home that way if there are any windows that need special attention or defective windows (broken seals, hinges, ect.) that need pointed out you can be there to be shown. However this is not a requirement. For exterior only ( as long as there are not locked exterior screens) you do not need to be home. For interior windows we would need access to the home (garage code or key) and we need to be able to lock the house when we are completed. 

When and how do I pay?

Payment is due upon completion. If your not going to be home we will request payment to be left in a specified location. Payment options are- cash, check, Visa or Master Card. Credit card transactions will require a 3% fee for transactions over $100.00.

What if its raining or bad weather the day I am scheduled?

 If its forecasted to rain or is raining the day of your window cleaning, we will keep your appointment- generally speaking. Some weather factors that may require you to reschedule your window cleaning are- heavy rain, high winds, lightning, icy conditions, and extreme cold (below 10 degrees for morning temp and below twenty degrees for a day time high). If any of these factors arise we will call the day before or day of to reschedule for the soonest date available. 

How far outside of the Des Moines metro do you travel?

If you're within a twenty mile radius of zip code 50312 there is no trip or service charge. If you're outside of this radius we can still clean your windows however there would be a trip charge that is based on how many miles out you are. We do not have a travel restriction. Please call our office for specific trip charge prices. 

Is there an extra charge to remove caulking, paint, hard water, heavy debris, deck sealer?

Yes. This does not mean we are going to charge you extra if it's limited to a few windows, or charge you extra without discussing cost or your permission. In the even you have everything that won't come-off with scrubbing the glass we can give you a quote for restoring the glass. Our goal is to leave your windows looking great at a fair price so we try our hardest to remove debris without having any additional cost!  

Do you clean windows year round?

Yes. The winter season for cleaning windows is a little more hit or miss because of the extreme cold, blowing snow, or high winds but we always have enough nice days during winter to get windows cleaned.

Why do my windows look foggy even after they were cleaned inside and out?

If you have thermal pane (two panes sealed together) windows most likely this is because of a broken seal and moisture gets trapped between the glass. If this is the case it's good to check with your window manufacturer to see if they are still under warranty. 

How long has Glass Dude LLC been around?

Glass Dude was established as a sole proprietor company in 2006 and in 2012 changed to a LLC structure as Glass Dude LLC. We are proud to be a local company, serving the Des Moines area and our great state of Iowa.